Revolutionary Brain: Essays & Quasi-Essays

Here's the book description and two great blurbs for Harold Jaffe's upcoming book:

In this timely collection of essays and "quasi-essays," acclaimed novelist and critic Harold Jaffe explores the intricate vicissitudes of millennial culture. Gesturing, in a philosophical shorthand, toward a kind of pop Armageddon, Revolutionary Brain is at once thesis, allegory, and surreal comedy, demonstrating just how far we, and the natural world we have debased, have fallen. Obsessed with technology, we are incapable of reconstructing ourselves. By way of Jaffe’s elegant prose and perfect pitch, our collective disability is laid bare at the 11th hour. Revolutionary Brain is a powerful cry for a brave new aesthetics that turns towards, not away, from our tormented globe.

“I was transfixed in this volume by Jaffe’s incisive blows to the hypocrisy of flag waving, nation building, and the lethal intent by our leaders who stride the globe in bloody boots commanding the 99 percent to obey the law and get to work in the marketplace of nightmarish dreams. Jaffe has missed absolutely nothing in delineating our expiring Kultur. Brilliant.” REGINA KRUMMEL, editor of Prison Poetry by Shackled Women: The Gates Clang Shut

“The bravura essays in Harold Jaffe's collection, Revolutionary Brain, challenge the conscience and consciousness of their readers. This witty and explosive book is an indictment of injustice and spurious morality and a call to art and enlightened activism as healing alternatives.” JONATHAN BAUMBACH, author of You: Or the Invention of Memory

Jaffe is the author of 20 volumes of fiction, docufiction, novels and essays. His writings have been widely anthologized, translated into numerous languages, and received multiple awards. Jaffe is editor-in-chief of Fiction International.

Revolutionary Brain et al

We are pleased to announce that Guide Dog Books has acquired Hal Jaffe's Revolutionary Brain: Essays & Quasi-Essays. Jaffe is the author of over fifteen works of fiction, docufiction and nonfiction. He is also the editor of the avant-garde literary journal Fiction International and a professor of English & comparative literature at San Diego State University. We're very excited to have him aboard. Find out more about Jaffe at

In other news, Guide Dog Books will soon merge with its host publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press, in a new megasite built by Merge Design, who built the site for GDB author D. Harlan Wilson's upcoming novel The Kyoto Man. The new site is being funded by a grant from Wright State University-Lake Campus, who will thereafter serve as a sponsor. We hope to have it up and running by year's end.

Finally, we are currently at work on the manuscript for The Cafe Irreal's anthology of fiction and nonfiction. Publication details and a press release will be available soon.