White Indians

The launch for GDB's next book, Michael Gills' White Indians, is on Thursday, October 24, at The King's English Bookshop. In this memoir, Gills' recounts his experience as a participant at a Native American Sundance ceremony on Zuni Territory, New Mexico, in July 2005. Here are a couple of blurbs:

“Gills’ beautifully written prose in White Indians combines his warring natures—the daring macho infused crazy man with the earth-reverent husband and father. This book is a reminder that we Americans still live on a continent that recently was a wilderness, and that we all possess an atavistic need to interact with it. For those of us not so good as Michael Gills at camping, hiking, and white-water rafting, he’s offered us a thrilling armchair version.”
 —Diane Wakoski, author The Diamond Dog
“Each word is a spark, every sentence a sizzling fuse. The whole of White Indians is a sun-white conflagration, cleanly and cleansing. The intensity of this visionary memoir is the core of its message. Michael Gills sojourned in the heart of light and he has returned to his home world with that light still clinging to his every utterance. I shall never be the only reader grateful for his revelations—and a little frightened of them.”
 —Fred Chappell, Ancestors and Others: New and Selected Stories

White Indians will be available in paperback and ebook formats. Please check out the book's Goodreads page.